A Celebration of Graeme Swann.

Well, here I am. I find myself writing about another English cricketer. I admire the Australian cricketers but they're always around and we can blog about them all Summer long, but for now, I'll continue to play tribute to the Englishmen (well just him and Broad).

Test debuting in 2008 against India, Swann has somewhat cemented his place in the English side for his solid bowling figures and as a handy tailend batsman, after having 8 years in the ODI side. In more recent events, he and his Nottinghamshire teammate, Stuart Broad, shared a 100+ partnership in the 4th Ashes test.

Although he may not seem the type to have a massive following of female support, his avid twittering has brought him into the public sphere for his insights into the nuts and bolts of the English team preparation and also his hidden talent at golf (don't ask Jimmy Anderson about this though).

Hopefully we shall see more of this unsung hero of England cricket more in this 5th Ashes test as the pitch at the Oval is set to be spinny (not a real cricket term, so sue me!).

What we learnt from this blog:
Graeme Swann is a 30 year old spin bowler. Fact. Graeme Swann is a witch. Notfact.


SFA said...

hehehe part witch. soo untrue :) he is mighty fine, and that was a mighty fine blog :) love the slideshow !

The Drunken Sage said...

I love the pic in this article. INVISIBLE UNICYCLE!

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