David Williams

Now, I'm not normally a rugby league fan. In fact, I actually see it as rugby union's poorer cousin, that annoying one who always picks his nose and plays in the dirt by himself, but as of last night, after watching Manly vs Roosters, I'm a fan (and by fan I mean a borderline pervert). And this newfound exception of the game probably not played in heaven can be brought down to one factor: The Wolfman.

Actually he's not really a wolfman anymore as he shaved the beard off, but boy, didn't that one simple task reveal something beautiful.

However, it seems that the Williams family can produce more than one gorgeous son. Enter John Williams, brother senior. There are some definite good genes floating around in that DNA recipe.

At risk of making myself sound like a fool, i'll avoid the real rugby league talk and shall leave it to the professionals. But really, who cares about rugby league statistics anyway? That being said, depending on the Wallabies result for this weekend's Bledisloe, I may need to switch codes.

- Splex

This is merely for my sister, she better believe it!


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Why isn't there a photo gallery??? Schoolboy error!

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