Hilarious cricket videos

These are two very funny videos I shared with Splex. The first video is a pigeon being killed by cricket ball. Kind of dark and disgusting but funny.

The second video is Freddie Flintoff's ball busting an ad for Puma cricket boxes.


; ) Alpii


sykesy_bigredtractor said...

that pommy git flintoff
although trust him to be talking about aussies balls, i reckon hes goes down to bondi when he comes over to check out some aussie blokes in their budgie smugglers
and all considering, ud think the cold english weather wouldnt be particularly accomodating to a large set of testicles
and realistically, if thats the best bouncer he can bowl no wonder the poms arent gonna win the bloody series, in case the poms havnt noticed we are slightly taller than a koala bear
and y havnt animal rights groups gotten onto him for killing a koala, if i cant go shooting roo without getting a $600 fine, how come he can knock off a koala's head on live telly
and i think thats my rant done
poor pidgeon

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