Karmichael Hunt: Mistake or revelation?

Karmichael Hunt has amassed achievements many in the NRL can only dream of. At 17 he was the youngest player ever to play for the Brisbane Broncos. He was also the youngest to play for Australia (that is until another freak of nature Israel Folau came into the picture). Along with his 10 state of origin games and 11 test caps, K has won a premiership, Dally M for rookie of the year and is the youngest player to play 100 first grade games. Now at 22, the heir apparent to the great Darren Lockyer has traded it all in for multi-million dollar AFL contract.

Why, K? Why?

AFL is a completely different sport. They don’t even kick or pass the
same way. The only thing they have in common is the ball. Even then, one is red and smooth the other is hard and fat. He may as well switch to netball or cricket. When I first heard, I thought surely this is just another one from the rumour mill.

At the end of 2009 I was prepared to see my favourite player leave my beloved Broncos, but I was excepting to see him in the super 14, France or Japan. His hard running, ball playing ability and kicking would see him likely succeed in Rugby, especially having received a rugby scholarship in high school.

But AFL. Seriously?

The new AFL venture to begin 2011, hasn’t even decided on a jersey and the first player they sign, their marquee player is a NRL player, who besides a few games in school has never played AFL before. I played a few games of lacrosse in school; maybe I should fly to America and become a professional lacrosse player.

I hope for K’s sake and the Gold Coast this gamble will pay off. I look forward to seeing Karmichael in a short shorts and a singlet. In the meantime he has a few short weeks to win us another premiership and I better start looking for a new favourite player.

- Alpii


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