The Life and Lies of Stuart Broad*

For the duration of the first three Ashes tests of 2009, Stuart Broad frustratingly failed to live up to his potential on the cricket field. However, fortunes changed for the young pace bowler as he took 6 wickets for 91 runs and hitting 61 runs off a mere 48 balls in a stunning partnership with Graeme Swann. For a mere moment, Broad could have been the saviour of the test, however a quick Australian attack and some keen batting (most notably from Marcus North) quashed any hope that lingered.

Son of former English cricketer, Chris Broad, Stuart Broad has finally begun to make his mark on his national team. At only 23 years of age, Broad is the youngest player in England's battling line-up. With the pressure on the England selectors to return the Ashes back to their rightful home, Broad's position is somewhat under threat. Many critics believe that Ryan Sidebottom should be the obvious replacement, but with improvement evident in every ball, it may be wise to leave as is and have faith, especially with one who has potential of totting up numbers as mentioned.

From another point of view, it would be a breath of fresh air for the female viewers of the fine sport if Broad remained in the team, as there is only so much one can take of oddly hairy, gum-chewing, nose-picking sportsmen (not to name any names). With that blonde hair and those piercingly blue eyes, it's often hard to resist the charms of Stuart Broad.

So, conclusively, is it not obvious why Stuart Broad should remain in the English team? Without him, what would women look at when Australia are putting their opponents in their place? Surely we aren't all expected to share Lily Allen's tastes**. This all being said, Australia will win the Ashes, no questions asked, and I do (half) hope Broad gets out for a duck off a hugely spinning ball from Nathan Hauritz.

*Not that I know any lies, I was merely paying homage to Harry Potter and trying to create some sense of drama. How embarrassing for me.


- Splex


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broad and swann are just brilliant!

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