Netballer? I just met her!

Today was the Inner Western Suburbs grand final day, and boy, what a day! Greenlees Netball Club (my club) won 7 out of 8 of the grand finals that they were in, spectacular results and truly well deserved.

My lovely 12 yrs 4th division girls played a killer game, certainly got the supporters' emotions on a rollercoaster ride. Final score was 22-18, beating the Balmain Tigers club. They had a fantastic year, taking minor premiers and then the major premiers! Unfortunately this is my last year with them but what a way to go! Hopefully all this luck they have accrued will follow on to the Wallabies game tonight.

Thanks to everyone who supported the team - most notably Adrian, Abby, Darcy, Lucy, Pat and my lovely sister, Lindsay. Hope we put on an entertaining show for you!

PS Robbie Deans, if you need some coaching tips, just give me a buzz!

- Splex


The Drunken Sage said...

Happy to be part of your entourage today, you did so well!

Robbie Deans definitely needs a hand. When you get the callup can you get rid of Richard Brown

lindscm said...

Sexual inyourendo in a story about 12 year old netball. Classy.

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