So considering neither of us have really blogged for a while I thought I may as well just put something up.

What's been going on? Well it's been discovered the England aren't actually that good at cricket. Who would have thought! They've been playing absymally in the current ODI series against Australia. Methinks they've entirely lost the skill to field. It was almost farcical in the last match at Trent Bridge.

In other cricket news, Ricky Ponting has decided to retire from T20 cricket. Great move! I'm in absolute denial that one day Ricky may have to retire. NEVER! He had an electric innings with the bat in the last ODI. Seems like a bit of rest did him the world of good. He earned Man-of-the-Match status for that little jaunt.

In the rugby world, the Wallabies finally won a game, beating South Africa in a very impressive show from the boys. A sign of things to come! I'm hoping that Will Genia is more than just a one hit wonder. However, I'm yet to be persuaded as to how good James O'Connor is. This weekend we take on the All Blacks and if my logic is correct, we can beat them (although I've never been known for my logic or intelligence)!

If either of these sports are interesting to you, why not check out these wonderful websites!

- Splex


lindscm said...

You should hyperlink those URLs nerdburger

Aplexii said...

Well don't you look like the foolio now that I have hyperlinked them!

SFA said...

great blog :)
pretty sure we're going to whitewash those poms! GO RICKY!
also James OConnor is great :)

Marc said...

What disturbs me is that fielding was the only thing that we could do well in the first place. Our batting has always been suspect and now we're even being outwitted by our own bowling machine.

How we won the Ashes I'll never know (but we did). Strange really, in 2006/2007, after some test matches that I can't really remember, we won the Commonwealth Bank Series in Australia. Was it any consolation? No. Did we really care about the victory? No. You can whitewash away, there are no ashes for winning this one.

Ponting is a genius, by the way. I regard his determination and skill with nothing but awe. Every time he comes out to bat I find myself wishing that he'd been eaten by a bunyip or abducted by a dingo or something. He's certainly the best number three that I've ever seen.

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