Hollywood vs. NFL

Everyone loves a good sports movie. They combine comedy, drama and passion with the sporting endeavours of hot young athletic men (well 99% of the time its men). The most popular of these sports moves come across the Pacific from the U.S of A.
Sports movies make American sports seem so much more interesting, especially Gridiron. The running back breaks 50 tackles to score a championship winning touchdown or an interception with 2 sec left and 3 down on scoreboard. Then I watch the Superbowl and nothing happens for 2 hours, because that’s how long it takes them to get through the first half and I think to myself, why aren’t these sports this interesting in real life.

Well, Thank you One HD for proving me wrong.

The NFL is actually very exciting, especially since our footy season has finished, the boys of summer are in India and there is absolutely nothing else to watch. It’s a complicated sport and you need to watch a few games to get all the intricacies. You know the fat bastards who smash in to each other, well they actually do stuff. They push people aside so the short guy can run through the holes. The kickers and punters are the most attractive but do the least and letting the quarterback be tackled is a bad bad thing.

I’ve really gotten into it. So here’s a low down of what I’ve observed so far:

Patriots are back with Tom Brady’s knee back in business. Not to mention they played in snow this week.

The Wildcat is by far the most exciting play. Utilised by the Maimi Dolphins there is three running backs and no quarterback. The ball is snapped and one of the three running backs catches it. The three running backs kind of run into each other then spread out and run to all corners of the field and you don’t know which one has the ball until they’ve been tackled 40metres down the field. It's very exciting.

Peyton Manning is severely overrated. His brother Eli is a much better quarterback.

Ben Roethlisberger with the Pittsburgh Steelers is a battler. He is the oldest quarterback and gets sacked (tackled behind the line of scrimmage) more than any other quarterback but will continuously throw long.

The Cowboy stadium is the bests Stadium with its TV screen, which is as wide as the field. Yes, a massive TV screen in the middle of the stadium.

Titans and Chargers have the best jerseys and the Saints have the worst.

So next time you’ve slept in and it’s a weekday flick over to ONE HD and see if the NFL is on. It should tie you over til the cricketers arrive.


P.s I’ve thrown in this video for good measure. Some freaky tricks


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