Twenty20 Netball?

So I said I wasn't going to say anything about it before, but one just cannot help themself when it sounds so bizarre.

Between the dates of the 9th and 11th of October, Manchester (in England, for those playing at home) will be holding the World Netball Series. With this comes a whole new set of rules to try to adapt the game to be more exciting for the spectator. Whether or not this will work is yet to be seen.

These rule changes will see the introduction multi-point goals, shorter quarters (6 minutes as opposed to 15), substitution limitations and a promise of fewer stoppages. There will even be the possibility to score outside of the goal circle. Bizarre. The most intriguing addition to this form of the sport will be the double-point powerplays. I'm not entirely sure how these will work out but i'm keen to see them in action.

Personally, i'm unsure as to whether there really needed to be a change to the rules. Sure there are penalties given a lot but at the pace the game is played at the elite level, these are hardly noticed. The other problem I am having with this is the more than one point per goal! Ridiculous. Why not just play basketball?

Anyway, can't wait for this World Netball Series to start. The top 6 countries that compete in the sport will all be showcasing their skills with this new derivation of the fine sport. These being England, New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica, Malawi and Samoa. Hopefully Australia will achieve some good wins, especially with Mo'onia Gerrard coming back into the team after an injury (you've gotta love a great defender).

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The Drunken Sage said...

I think Basknetball is gonna be a good thing. Bonus points should be given for monster jams also and the contact rule should be removed to get some tougher defense in there, handchecking and the like.

I'd go watch that.

Marc said...

I spent literally minutes researching Malawi earlier this year for something I was working on. How did I not learn that they were in the top six netball playing nations? Well done, an entertaining and informative post.

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