The Northern Hemisphere has rugby too?

Before the Australian rugby season actually comes to an end, I thought I would lift my rugby ban and put together a little Northern Hemisphere ‘dream’ team. Now, dear readers, we must remember that being a citizen in the Southern Hemisphere, it makes it difficult for me to access/view many NH teams, so, I’ve spoken to a few sources who are in the know on these sort of issues.

Let’s not forget our criteria for these matters. 1) They have to be in the current, 2009 squad for their respective teams, 2) have to have reasonable skill (and take this with a pinch of salt, I’ve mainly based these on…), 3) have to be somewhat attractive to the female followers (i.e. mostly myself and Alpii), and 4) cannot play out of position.

One other thing before the big revelation – there is a reason as to why there is only one player from England, and that reason is Jonny Wilkinson. He can’t be forgiven for that goal in 2003 and the entire England squad shall be punished for this. Well, that and the other countries are way better. It’s not really racist, is it?

Drumroll, please. The final lineup of the Northern Hemisphere Rugby Union Team:

1. Cian Healy (Ireland)
2. Jerry Flannery (Ireland)
3. Sylvain Marconnet (France)
4. Sebastian Chabal (France)
5. Alastair Kellock (Scotland)
6. Tom Croft (England) – Captain
7. Mauro Bergamasco (Italy)
8. Sergio Parisse (Italy) - Vice Captain
9. Dwayne Peel (Wales)
10. Stephen Jones (Wales)
11. Sean Lamont (Scotland)
12. Jamie Roberts (Wales)
13. Brian O'Driscoll (Ireland)
14. Mirco Bergamasco (Italy)
15. Rob Kearney (Ireland)

16. Dimitri Szarzewski (France)
17. Martin Castrogiovanni (Italy)
18. Nathan Hines (Scotland)
19. Simon Taylor (Scotland)
20. Rory Lawson (Scotland)
21. Leigh Halfpenny (Wales)
22. Alexis Palisson (France)

- Splex


Anonymous said...

I wholy approve of your pick of Tom Croft. Would have liked to have seen Tommy Bowe in there somewhere though, he's gorgeous!

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