This is not a blog about rugby. I've been told by many sources that I blog too much about rugby, so this isn't a blog about rugby. If I were to be writing a blog about rugby (which I would never do), I might mention that Australia is playing England right now, but I can't, so I won't. Maybe i'd throw in some great thoughts about the team - the backline will miss Berrick Barnes but this new pairing of Ioane and Cooper could prove to be interesting, however, I would love to see Giteau back at 12.

If this was a blog about rugby, there would be a possibility that I would mention that Rocky Elsom has had a rocky (amazing pun, i'm brilliant) start to his captaincy, but if he can muster the troops to at least a couple of wins, if not, the grand slam, he would be doing well. But this isn't a blog about rugby so i'm not mentioning that at all.

If this was a blog about rugby, I would mention that England are claiming to be playing a second string team, and to that I would say poppycock, you won the Ashes so shut up and let us win something.

If this was a blog about rugby, Jonny Wilkinson's return to the field would be addressed. This shouldn't be too worrying seeing as the man is held together by a mixture of Elastoplast and black magic.

BUT this isn't a blog about rugby. The weather has been lovely lately.

- Splex


bob said...

Well, Ben Tune is dreamy

Aplexii said...

Chook, I would not disagree with you there.

Marc said...

This isn't a comment about rugby, but if it were it would say that the weather here is awful, and that we could win with a ninth string team if Jonny was made of flesh and bone, rather than straw and blancmange.

We will probably have a handy lead by the time he gets stretchered off in the 28th minute though.

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