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With six more games left in the regular NFL season people are starting to talk about the Super bowl. For the NFL newbs here is a low down of the playoffs and contenders for Super Bowl XLIV. The NFL is divided into two conferences the NFC and the AFC, which is then divided into four divisions. The leading team in each division and two wild cards battle it out to be Conference champions The AFC and NFC Champions then battle it out for NFL supremacy in the Super bowl.

AFC East

With a record of 7(wins)-3(losses) the New England are looking good, with Brady hitting some form after coming back from an injury. The Patriots have the personnel to win the big one, with Lawrence Maroney at Running back the Pats have a solid running game to compliment Tom Brady’s throwing and with Randy Moss on the field with him you can expect long receptions and some exciting football. They could be as good as 9-1, loosing a close game to Denver in round five and should have put away the Colts week before last. Despite loosing to the Colts the Pats showed they could mix it with the best team in the AFC. Next weeks game against the undefeated Saints will be a really good indicator to the Pats Super bowl chances.

AFC West

After starting 6-0 the Denver Broncos have lost their last four games to be 6-4. They are seemingly out of the hunt, overtaken in the division by the San Diego Chargers at 7-4. The Broncos can still make the playoffs but are going to have to overcome their form slump. The Chargers while starting off a bit scratchy have won their last five, putting them in good stead for the Play offs, but may be not have what it takes to over come the other division leaders.

AFC North

Despite loosing this week the Cincinnati Bengals are going strong with 7-3. They are one of the less glamorous teams in the NFL and it’s a shame they’re games aren’t shown on T.V more often. The Bengals can ill afford to loose another game with their much glitzier rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers hot on their tail.

AFC South

The Indianapolis Colts undefeated at 10-0, basically have the AFC South division championshipp wrapped, that is of course barring a disaster, like a season ending knee injury to star quarterback Payton Manning. Not all their wins have been pretty, but they are a team who has heart. In the Pats game they were 13 points down and scored twice in 7 minutes to win. The Colts, however rely to heavily on Quarter back Payton Manning and the lack of running game may hurt their Super bowl chances. Not all is lost for the Jacksonville Jaguars, with 6-4 they are still in the running for a wild card spot, along with the Denver Broncos from AFC West and the Steelers from AFC North.

NFC East

The NFC East is the toughest Division in the NFL. The Dallas Cowboys are just ahead at 7-3, while the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants have 6 wins each. Anyone of the three teams can take out the division championship. The Redskins the remaining team in the NFC East has no chance, having won only 3 games.

NFC North

The Minnesota Vikings, having lost only one game is a real Super Bowl contender. The Green Bay Packers are also gaining some momentum with two straight wins and are still in the chase for a wild card.

NFC South

The New Orleans Saints are the team to beat. They have scored the most touchdowns in the NFL so far, with 48, eleven more then the Vikings who have scored second most touchdowns. If they beat the Patriots next week, chances are they are going to head into the play offs with a perfect season. After Katrina the people of New Orleans would love the Saints to bring home the Super Bowl.

NFC West

The Arizona Cardinals were the only NFC West team to win this week and have a commanding three game lead in their division. They will probably make the playoff but may be looking at an early exit with close competition from the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants and Packers. The real question here is do they have the attacking capabilities to match the Vikings, Saints, Colts or Patriots.

My tip for the Super bowl: Saints v. Patriots.


P.s in a previous post i said Roethlisberger was the oldest quarterback, it has been pointed out that Brett Favre is in fact the oldest.


mattyjk said...

I'm conflicted over Brett Favre being a Green Bay fan and all. I saw the last Packers/Vikings match and Favre absolutely murdered the Ol' Cheese Heads.
He is a great player and one of the reasons why I started following the Packers.
What to do, what to do?

Alpii said...

okay so i'm kind of annoyed that the font changes from a Mac to a PC

ajtaylor said...

I too would like to see more Bengals games on T.V. especially considering that they're doing alright this year... GO SAINTS AND GO PACKERS! haha
and Go Brett Favre! lol

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