10 Outstanding Individuals

Here at Spec Sports we have been guilty of team sport bias. Most our posts and all of our dream teams have been about about team sports (more specifically football and cricket). Since we can't exactly do a dream team on individual sports, we've altered our team selection criteria, and have selected, in no particular order, ten good looking, talented and current individual athletes.


Kelly Slater
Kelly Slater, at 37, is getting on abit but our designated sugar daddy and FILF (male version of a MILF). He is the youngest and oldest Surfing World Champion, winning the title a record nine times. He is the most successful athlete in the history of the sport.


Adam Scott

Adam Scott, preached by many Australians as the successor to Greg Norman. He was ranked as high as 3rd in the world in 2007. He is the one shining light in a really boring sport, played by rich, old, fat blokes.


John Steffensen
John Steffensen is a cutie, with curly long hair and cheeky smile. Steffensen is a 27 year old, 200m and 400m sprinter. He has Commonwealth gold medals for the 400m and 4 x 400m Relay. He also has an Olympic silver medal for the 4 x 400m.

Daniel Batman
Steffensen's 4 x 400m team mate Daniel Batman is also a hottie. While, not the tallest athlete at 173cm, his name more than makes up for it.


Jeremy Bloom
With the Winter Olympics coming up, keep an eye for American Jeremy Bloom. Now if your wondering why he is posing with a football, well Bloom also played NFL for the Eagles and Steelers. After a few years in the NFL with limited success, he now devotes all his time to skiing.

Motor Racing

Jenson Button
In Formula One you can't look past 2009 World Champion, Jenson Button. The the 29 year old has a smile to die for and eyes you can drown in. He's not been the luckiest driver in F1, since debuting in 2000, he has changed teams seven times. At the end of last year, Button seemed out of the job when his team Honda pulled out of F1, but got a late call back to drive for the new entry to F1 Brawn GP. He went from unemployed to World Champion in the space of a year. In 2010 he will be driving a McLaren.

Kimi Raikkonen
If your into Scandinavian hotties and lots of money then, Kimi Raikkonen is the man the for you. He is 30 years old. Nickname: Iceman, for his ice cool composure on the race track. His hobbies include snowboarding and ice hockey. This year he was named the second richest sportsperson, behind the cheating Tiger Woods, by Forbes Magazine bring in $51 million a year. In 2007 he won his first Formula One Championship with Ferrari after finishing a close second twice with McLaren in 2003 and 2005. In 2010 Kimi will be will driving a rally car for Citroen in the World Rally Championship.


Eamon Sullivan
Olympic silver and bronze Medalist, Celebrity Master Chef and underwear model, Eamon Sullivan. Whats not to like. Did I mention he's single. He is 24 years old and nicknamed Nemo. I use to think he was a bit of a tool, mostly for dating Stephanie Rice, but he really won me over on Celebrity Master chef.

Ryan Lochte
Its not easy constantly being in the shadow of Michael Phelps but American Swimmer Ryan Lochte does it with grace. He is 25, nicknamed 'the lochtenator'. He competes in Backstroke, the individual Medley and relay teams. How can u go wrong with that body, I don't know about his choice of swimwear though.


Alex Despatie
Divers have some of the best washboard abs of any athlete. All that twisting and turning in mid air must be a great mid-section work out. At 24, Alex Despatie is a veteran Canadian diver. When Alex was 13 he won a Commonwealth gold medal for the 10m platform. He is also the only diver to have been World Champions of all three categories, the 1m and 3m spring board and 10m platform.

For the Fellas
Since most our readers are actually male, ironic considering the content of our blogs, here are some women who have gained an honourable mention. Researching good looking female athletes is not particular fun when there are so many sluts out there willing to take their tops (and bottoms) off for a few bucks.

Amanda Beard
is one of them. Even though she is a swimmer, photos of her actually competing is scarce. Finding photos of her fully clothed are almost non-existent.

There are, however, some more wholesome female athletes out there such as, drag racer Ashley Force. Ashley Force is the daughter of 14 time national champion John Force. In 2008 she beat her father in the finals to be the first woman to win in her class. Even though she is married, Splex and I are conspiring to have her marry Australian Indy car driver, Will Power. What can go wrong with last names like Power and Force.

There probably are others worth mentioning such as Maria Sharapova or Stephanie Rice, but i hate them. Plus i was sick of looking through half or fully naked photos on Google images to find some more female athletes. You boys can just do that in your own time.


P.S You can get a closer look by clicking on the images.


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May i ask Alpii why you let yourself take up the torturous task of finding good looking female athletes. I would've been more than happy to have taken up such a taxing and demanding task, if it were to make your life easier...

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